Semiotics and cultural insight for brands

Who we are

We’re a small, agile agency helping big, global brands.

Since 2005, Practical Semiotics has worked with everyone from HM Government to Shake n’ Vac.

We use the power of popular culture to make brands stronger, sharper and more relevant.



Who we work with

 diageo, unilever, euro rscg, the national lottery, colgate-palmolive, kelloggs, direct line, ogilvy, audi, coca-cola, boots & bbc, to name a few

What we do

Harnessing the power of popular culture

Kelloggs Corn Flakes

"Extremely interesting... provoked debate that doesn't usually arise from traditional research. We subsequently used the work to develop a new advertising campaign."

Nicola Keeley, Brand Manager, Kellogg's

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Why Choose Us?

"Modern market research at its best." Russ Lidstone, CEO,
Creative Engagement Group



Your semiotic thinking was invaluable - thanks for working with us!

Mark Sinnock, European Group CSO, Havas

Euro RSCG - New Europe 

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