Building stronger brands with Semiotics and Cultural Insight...

1. We decode your consumer's culture

Traditional qual research collects consumer opinions and behaviours, but semiotics shows you what creates those opinions and behaviours in the first place. Our proprietary analysis model searches wide and deep across all areas of your consumer's everyday culture, pulling together hundreds of relevant cultural signals.

We then systematically analyse these hidden drivers of consumer thinking and behaviour: language, imagery, narrative, symbolism, physical properties and more. We deliver a dynamic picture of cultural influences: the key codes, concepts and underlying tensions in your consumer's world.

2. We map your brand and its competitors

We then use the same analytical tools to uncover the subtle, hidden signals your brand is sending and then map this vs. the signals of your competitors. We show you the cultural 'white spaces' are, and the best ways for your brand to inhabit them.

3. We deliver specific answers to your business questions

We leave you with a semiotic and cultural toolkit- a clear set of guidelines, insights and principles that directly address your brand's business question.

We give you the concepts, words, images, symbols and narratives to absorb, and those to avoid. Your brand will become more authentic, more distinctive and more culturally relevant.

And we stay true to our name: our output is highly-evidenced, concisely- expressed and 100% jargon-free.


Our Global Network

We have on-the-ground analysts in all major markets, so we can decode popular cultures all over the world !


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“Huge thanks…highly insightful…great inspiration.”

Maria Leventis, Planning Manager, Britvic