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Xmas Quickie

To all our friends and colleagues, in the UK and elsewhere, we wish you a great break, with minimal Zooming and maximal chilling.
We've compiled a VERY SHORT LIST of ace things that have made 2020 a bit more bearable.


The Book

'Nervous States: How Feeling Took Over The World'- William Davies

Fantastically accessible, wide-ranging account of how social forces continue to shape us, from our smartphones to our ways of dressing, and beyond. Rich, readable and full of good thinking.


The Record

'Untitled' (Rise)- Sault
Powerful, groovy, lush, angry, witty tunes and grooves from the ever-mysterious Sault. Simple ideas ('I Just Want To Dance', 'Scary Times'), and complex tunes.

The Snack

Byte Bars are frankly just like any other yummy millenial snack thing, but LOOK AT THOSE WRAPPERS! That sunny '60s retro gorgeousness is just what we need right now.
Ok, that's more than enough...
Happy reading, listening and chewing. And we'll see you in 2021